Racing Corner Weight Scale Sets For Rent In Arizona


Corner Weight scales, Ramps and Roll Offs
Featuring quality Longacre, Intercomp, Tanner, Proform and ProScale products

You've put a lot of time and effort into your car. You want it to perfom at its best. Scaling a car is something that all Pro Teams do. The problem for the enthusist is that scales and other portable alignment/setup tools are too expensive to own for occasional use.

If you have an adjustable coil over suspension, you can benefit from scaling or corner weighting your car.

DIYScale is not about building back yard scales. We rent premium quality scale sets made by established companies in the racing industry. You don't have to find a race shop to scale your car. It is possible to "do it yourself" in your own garage with professional equipment.

We feature wireless pads exclusively. No cables to deal with so the garage floor stays clear of obstructions. We have low trays with ramps and roll off areas. We also offer a professional grade adjustable height roll off tray with optional laser leveling tool.

Rent for a day, a weekend or whatever you need. You'll have the time to take that extra effort to do it right yourself. It just might give you that edge you need.

Rental services are only available in Arizona.

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